Wednesday, July 20, 2011


A collection of Images myself and my lovely companion collaborated on for a music video that unfortunately never got made, I drew them but she was always better at colour work . . . still is.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Another creepy nude.

A Meth addict, perhaps for use in a childrens book.

A bit of a self portrait, this is a redesign of a character from a short I did in college that I want to revisit.

le Bass

Hello Cat

Loosely based on a cat that used to live with us, she was awesome.

I have a bad habit of drawing creepy naked men, this is but one of many.

He would hate this.

A lot of my drawing will be reminiscent of films I love, in this case Office Space, by Mike Judge, if you haven't seen I suggest you do, that is all.

Some robots from a film I hope to return to one day.

BOO, I scare you!

Arm wrestle?

Ape Suit

This one scares me a little.

I was pretty tired when I did this one, I think I was trying to draw Lionel Richie . . . so not what I intended but I like it.

This is the first of a range of images I'll be uploading today, all taken from my sketchbooks.